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Friday, October 26, 2012

Making Materials Learner-friendly: 5 Principles

Speaker: Mr. Stuart Vinnie 
Organised by: CUP, Bangkok 
Date: 26 October 2012
Location: Windsor Suites, Bangkok

There are many issues using standard course books and/or in-house course materials effectively in the classroom, like unsuitable contents, too easy or too difficult contents, class size, layout and timing not matching the materials, and repetitive patterns.

To solve these problems teachers should:
1. Personalise the materials (make them more suitable to the students’ world)
2. Vary their presentation techniques
3. Integrate technology (“use the technology they use”)
4. Change the interaction pattern (teacher – students, student – student, groups of students)
5. Adjust the control (more choice for the students)

Mr. Vinnie illustrated the 5 principles clearly with sample materials of the new Interchange Fourth Edition Series that CUP is currently promoting.

He kindly made his presentation available to the audience at Making Materials Learner-friendly: 5 Principles.

My comment: Teachers who were trained properly should already be familiar with the need and ways to adjust course materials to the learners’ needs, but it was a nice overview where it all came together. 

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